White Collar job or House Cleaning? @SavvyCleaner

Do you think working at lower positions like as a cashier or cleaning service is demeaning?

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

Cleaning houses is not a white collar job

But it is honest work for honest pay. Though there will be haters who feel superior to everyone working less than a white collar job.

white collar no - house cleaning yes - Angela Brown The House Cleaning GuruThe truth is that lots of white collar employees are less than satisfied with their jobs. During the twenty five years I’ve been house cleaning, I’ve worked with, and trained lots of people who were once white collar employees. They left their jobs because they wanted to raise a family and needed a more flexible job. They didn’t get along with their current white collar boss. They didn’t like the office politics at their white collar job. They got tired of bringing work home with them. The hours were too long. Sure, there was good pay at the white collar job, but no satisfaction in the work.

Take somebody with those frustrations and show them how they can be their own boss. Let them work the hours that work best for them. Now they can pick people they WANT to work for. Give them a chance to get paid for the service they provide. Celebrate them leaving the work behind when the job is complete. And revel in the fact that they get to attend their kids soccer games and swim meets. House cleaning for busy stay at home parents is a winning combination.

They can drop their kids off at school and then go clean a couple of houses, provide for their family, and be there for their kids when the school bell rings.

House cleaning is a job that allows husbands to have their “own money”. Instead of asking the bread winning wife for money every time they want to buy something, now they can afford to buy it themselves.

Work for a house cleaning company while you learn the daily operations of the job. Learn everything about running the business while you are an employee. The natural progression of the job is to one day own your own residential cleaning company. And when you are ready, go out on your own and start your own house cleaning business. As a cleaning service provider, you can replace the income of a white collar job.

Lots of people clean houses to supplement their current income. Lots of people have “good jobs” with great benefits, but lousy pay. So they work their “good job” and then pick up side cleaning jobs to pay the rest of their bills.

Cleaning houses is also a great job for college kids. You can clean houses around your classes, and still pay your own way through school. By the time you graduate, you will have business experience, money in the bank, and no debt. Is that demeaning? Nope.

White collar job failed me

Lots of people find in mid life that the job they thought would pay for their retirement won’t. Inflation, lack of savings, and financial emergencies have drained their 401K and there’s no money left. Without shame these people start their own cleaning services and are able to pay their bills. Hooray for people not too proud to work for a living.

Is it demeaning? No. What is demeaning is the people who receive a government handout because they are too lazy to work.

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