Is Your House Too Clean? @SavvyCleaner

When does a house become overly clean and tidy?

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

Having a clean house is inviting and should make you feel comfortable. It should also be functional, and organized so you can find everything. It becomes overly clean and tidy when you start “looking for things” to clean.

For the most part, your cleaning can be routines done on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis. And it’s awesome if you can maintain those routines. After a good spring cleaning, anything more than regular routine maintenance is too much. It’s like boiling already boiling water – if you leave it on the stove longer, it’s not going to boil it more. You’re just wasting your time and electricity.

There is more to life than re-cleaning already clean surfaces. If you are guilty of cleaning an area after you’ve already cleaned it, stop! You have too much time on your hands. Go find a hobby. Meet some people, learn a new skill, help someone. Improve your education.

Nobody is going to write on your tombstone “He cleaned everything twice when once was enough.” If you have to ask the question – it’s probably clean enough.



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