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Stay clean the whole day – is it possible?

Stay clean the whole day is an impossible challenge. Here’s why:

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

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Stay clean just sitting in one spot…

Sweaty_runner If you have a job where you just sit around in an air conditioned office, you will still emit body odor, hair and dead skin cells will flake off. You have to eat during the day, so your hands, and face will be touching food. You will need to brush your teeth through the day since there will be a food, bacteria and plaque build up in your mouth. And if you eat and stay hydrated, you will have to eliminate some of the body waste, which puts you in a bathroom, where there will be germs.
Every day there will be normal wear and tear on your body, and if you work out, you will be sweating from every pore. So plan on taking a shower every day, like it or not.

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Stay clean if you have an active job

If you have an active job that keeps you moving and bustling around like house cleaning, there are things you can do to stay clean through the day.

  • First choose fabric for your uniform that absorbs or wicks away sweat. You don’t want to be dripping in sweat while cleaning.
  • Next choose solid and dark colors for your clothing so if you do get something on them, it’s not as noticeable.
  • SavvyCleaner.com_Nitrile_Gloves-minUse an antiperspirant plus deodorant combination. This will keep you from sweating, and help eliminate the odor as you go. Don’t just use it under your arms. SavvyCleaner.com_Shoe_Covers-minThink about all the places your body sweats from the front of your chest, to the middle of your back. And how about under sagging parts of skin, and inside every nook and crevice. Sounds graphic right? Yes, that is where your deodorant/antiperspirant goes. It will keep you dry all day.
  • You may not have accessibility to your toothbrush all day, but you can chew on some minty fresh gum which will help keep your mouth fresh between meals.
  • And if you’re house cleaning, make sure you wear your latex or nitrile gloves and cloth shoe covers. This will keep your hands from touching gunk and garbage with your bare hands. And the shoe covers will help your feet stay clean and free from pet hair, poop, half eaten lolly pops and spilled orange juice.

Stay clean using common sense

  • stay clean with soap and water hand washingOf course every time you use the restroom you’ll want to wash your hands with soap and water. Wash your hands frequently to stay clean between houses, jobs, and outside activities.
  • Also, if you travel to work and you go through a drive through for lunch or coffee, you will be exchanging money. The money has germs.
  • Use an antibacterial hand wipe or keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in the door of your car for such occasions. Or if you ride the metro or an employee bus to work, keep a bottle of hand cleaning gel with you.

No. You can’t stay clean the entire day – because life wasn’t designed that way. But you can take measures to keep germs at bay to stay healthy.

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