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Safe cleaning solutions for Kids, Pets & Babies

Safe cleaning solutions are a concern for every parent. We all know accidents happen. Kids and pets get into cleaning supplies, or shampoo gets in the babies eyes and it stings and he cries. What do you do when that happens and where do you turn for help?

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All cleaning liquids comes with numerous warnings. Which cleaners do I use at my home that has babies and kids?

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The cleaning liquids you use in your come should be safe for babies, kids and pets. It’s easy to get sucked into advertisements for cleaning products that make cleaning simple. So before you fill up your shopping cart, check out this article on: Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS for Cleaning Products and learn how to access MSDS information on your phone.


Every cleaning chemical, detergent, solution, solvent, liquid, soap has a MSDS sheet that lists recommended use, ingredients, and if they are safe for babies and kids. Here is an MSDS link that is a website that you can bookmark on your phone. It has most every cleaning product (including make up, soaps, lotions, and shampoos). When you are at the store – before you add a new product to your cart, check it out. Look at the ingredients, the proper uses for the product, and then decide if you feel as a parent if they would be safe cleaning solutions for your family.

My Go To “Safe Cleaning Solutions”

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I personally have 5 “go to” products I use for cleaning that are safe for babies, pets, and kids. They are super boring, super cheap and don’t come in fancy packaging.

  1. Baking soda
  2. Dawn Dish Soap
  3. White Cleaning Vinegar
  4. Lemon juice
  5. Water

You can mix and match them for about 90% of your cleaning.

Having said that, there are times when you will want something stronger for a unique cleaning chore. These chores would be things like sanitizing outdoor play equipment or cleaning out the oven.

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I’ve created a cleaning products Pinterest board with lots of suggestions for these and other cleaning products and how to use them. Check it out, it may give you some ideas.
I love the fact that you’re concerned with keeping your family safe. If you do have to buy “harmful” solvents such as Clorox, keep it in a back cupboard or high cupboard or a locked broom closet, where small children are unlikely to access it.

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