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Do rich people really hire maids, butlers and housekeepers?

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

Yes. So do people who are not “rich.” I clean houses for a living and was a “live-in” house cleaner for a five year stretch. The tradition today is to hire somebody part time who comes in once or twice a week for a few hours to tidy up. The “live-in” opportunities are more rare, but they do still exist.

Hire others to buy back your time - Angela Brown, The House Cleaning GuruBusy people hire others and outsource their chores such as house cleaning, landscaping, and grocery shopping. I think it’s rare these days to have an in house butler. But there are lots of families who hire food services to cook and deliver meals. This gives them a chance to focus on their family, work and other priorities.

Think about it, when you buy something online – you do so because of the convenience. You hire a delivery service when you pay for shipping. You say, “I don’t want to go down to the store and pick this up myself, so I will pay a shipping fee and have FedEx or UPS deliver it.”

It’s the same concept. Regardless of being rich or poor – we all only have twenty four hours in a day. It’s a great idea to hire someone else to do your chores. Especially if they can do it in a more efficient manner than you can.

I’m not rich. I’m a service provider and yet I still pay for other people to provide services to me. Example, I can clean my own car with a garden hose and a bucket of soap water. But for $24.99 a month I can take my car to an unlimited drive through car wash. The time it saves me is worth the money. And my car is cleaner by driving through a couple of times each week. I know for a fact I am too busy to pull out a garden hose and soap bucket a couple of times each week. The $24.99 per month buys back my time.

What chores do you have that you can outsource?


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