How do I find Cleaning Services? @SavvyCleaner

Find cleaning services in your area – what is the best way?

Find cleaning services from your friends and neighbors who live in your area who can vouch for the cleaning service companies you want to hire.

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The best way to find house cleaning services is from your friends and neighbors who live in your area who can vouch for the cleaning service companies you want to hire.

If you’re in the United States, sign up for the free apps NextDoor and MyNeighborhood and type in your neighborhood and zip code. Create a profile and add your picture. This makes you look like a legitimate neighbor, not a troll or a creep.


Ask for a referral to find cleaning services

Then make a post and ask: ISO of house cleaner for _____ zipcode or neighborhood. (ISO = In Search Of) This allows house cleaners and cleaning services to respond to you directly with their contact information.

House cleaners can help you find cleaning services

This is good because if a house cleaner is booked, they are not going to respond – they are not taking on any new clients. So only the available ones will respond. House cleaners are also a great resource. Some will give you the names of other house cleaners who are accepting new clients at the time.

Neighbors will help you find cleaning services

This also allows for neighbors to make recommendations. It’s called social proof. It is the concept behind Amazon and Ebay. You buy things based on other people’s recommendations and reviews – when they have nothing to gain from sharing the referral.

The apps (and websites) like NextDoor and MyNeighborhood also have search functions where you can search to find cleaning services. People may have recommended a cleaning service prior to your search. Lock the phone number of the recommended cleaner into your phone. Make a note that you found them on NextDoor (or whatever site you found them on.)

Call them, and see if they are accepting new business. If they are not, hang on to their number anyway. House cleaning client’s are dropping out all the time due to moving, job changes etc. Call the recommended house cleaner every few months and see if they have an opening for cleaning, or ask if they have an active waiting list you can be added to. Let them call you when they have an availability in their schedule.

There are also several reputable cleaning franchises who provide cleaning services. You can find them in directories like HomeAdvisor.



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