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Expectations of a house cleaner

Expectations: What does an upper/ upper-middle class homeowner expect from a house cleaning service?

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@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

I love the question. And the answer is what any person, at any income level expects from a house cleaning service. When a homeowner hires a house cleaner they have certain expectations. If you follow these, I promise your clients will be thrilled.

Expectations to Thrill Your House Cleaning ClientsExpectations of a happy house cleaner, Savvy Cleaner

They expect you as the house cleaner to be articulate. This means you can listen and communicate information back to the homeowner pertinent to the job. You understand when the client has emergencies and are able to jump in at the last minute – or you let them know you are unavailable – but never leave the client guessing or hanging.

They expect you to have a good attitude. You don’t have to love your job, but don’t show up and complain about how hard you work. It’s your job. Do it and be grateful for the work.

Expectations of  Ethics Expectations - admitting when you're wrong, The House Cleaning Guru

They expect you to pay taxes. A small Mom and Pop business working from home will want to deduct cleaning as a business expense. And they don’t want to throw you under the bus by reporting how much they paid you during the year, only to have you claim zero earnings from them. Means one of you is lying and opens you both up for an audit.

Clients want to be informed. When something breaks, as the house cleaner you should be honest and let the client know what you broke, and explain how you expect to pay for it.

They want to be able to trust the house cleaner. Of course, if they’ve vetted your cleaning service, they will know you are bonded and insured, which protects you and the client. But they want to know without a doubt you are not going to steal from them. This includes left-over Halloween candy on a kitchen cupboard. If it doesn’t belong to you, then you have no business taking it.

Expectations of Professionalism

They expect the house cleaner to show up on time. Every time. With the proper cleaning supplies to do the job. With the house key or the alarm code. An unprepared house cleaner is unprofessional. And if you are running late for a cleaning, you need to text or call, and let them know you will be late.SavvyCleaner.com social connections

They expect the job they are paying for. Do what you say you’re going to do. If they are paying to have their hardwood floors mopped, and you run out of time and skip mopping the hardwood floors – you are not going to be employed very long.

They expect you to have references or match the referrals people have given you. Neighborhood Facebook groups and apps like NextDoor and MyNeighborhood and even the paid versions like Angie’s List are social proof that you are who you say you are.

They expect you know how to clean. There is no excuse for a house cleaner showing up to clean and then damage hardwoods, granite or stainless steel because you don’t have the proper training or knowledge which chemicals you can safely use on each type of surface. If you don’t know how to clean, visit us at http://SavvyCleaner.com We offer house cleaner training and certification.

Expectations of privacy, Ask a House CleanerExpectations of Privacy

They expect you to keep confidences. If you are cleaning several houses in the neighborhood they don’t want their family secrets shared with the neighbors. What happens while on a house cleaning job – stays at the house cleaning job. If you are a house cleaner and you just need to vent and need someone to talk to about your crazy house cleaning client – don’t tell the neighbors. Join our closed private Facebook Group for professional house cleaners who share and offer support to each other.

Expectations of Technology

Expectations, accepting credit cards, The House Cleaning GuruModern times demand modern technology. Even independent house cleaners now can accept credit cards with Square, Apple Pay and PayPal without a merchant account. Expectations are that you accept credit cards so businesses who work from home can charge cleaning as a business expense on a company credit card and earn rewards points.

They expect you will screen any people you bring with you. If you need to hire help – you need to make sure you are not hiring registered sex offenders who will be in your client’s home around their family pictures, and kids rooms. And you can’t hire druggies who may steal from them. If they’ve vetted you – they expect you to vet your extra help. There are lots of websites now that allow you to do background checks on the employees, and private contractors you hire.

Do these things and you’ll not only meet but exceed your client’s expectations.

Everyone wins.



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