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Carpet Cleaning Tips For the DIY Homeowner

Carpet Cleaning Tips by Guest Blogger Molly Milson, Contributor at Smooth Decorator

person vacuuming carpetCarpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning is nobody’s favorite topic. But carpets can be a real magnet for coffee stains, crayon marks, pesky odors, dust, dirt, and caked-on mud. Still, carpet cleaning does not have to be a time and energy-consuming ordeal.

Yes, you may have to move the furniture and wait for the fabric to dry, but the process isn’t exactly rocket science. All that carpets need is a small amount of care and attention every now and then. So, here are some carpet cleaning methods that do the trick.

Carpet Cleaning With Baking SodaBaking Soda 13.5 lb bag, Savvy Cleaner

The powder is one of the main tools in the arsenal of carpet cleaning. It’s excellent for tackling stains and dirt and comes in the form of powdered carpet cleaner or baking soda. In both cases, the tactic is the same: Sprinkle the powder all over the carpet and leave it for at least half an hour.

It’s even better if you can leave it overnight. The cleaners should do its magic, banishing the odors and softening the stains. After the designated period of time, vacuum up the remaining powder.

 shampooing a carpetCarpet Cleaning With Shampoo

Carpet shampoos come in handy as well. There is no shortage of brands on the market. And regardless of your choice, make sure to adhere to the guidance on the label. It should give you a clear idea on how to make up the solution.

Apply it on the carpet and try not to make it too wet to avoid wasting the product and increasing the drying time. Use a hand-bristled brush to deal with dogged areas and let the surface dry. Again, the process comes to an end with the good old vacuuming.

Carpet Cleaning With a Vacuum

Vacuuming deserves a bit more attention. It is important to vacuum often. We recommend that you vacuum entrance and high-traffic areas twice a week. You can keep up the rest of the carpeting with weekly treatment. Also, do not set the vacuum too low because you may damage the carpet.

Raise it to the highest setting, and then lower it until the machine tries to tug itself forward.

Finally, indoor and outdoor mats to catch incoming dirt and debris. 

Entrance Mats Outdoor Entrance Mat

Serving as a protective barrier, entrance mats accumulate a ton of filth. The good news is that they’re designed for frequent cleaning. You can clean most of the mats with a hose and bleach. The greater the water pressure, the better the results will be. To get better results, you can attach a pressure nozzle to your hose.


 stain removal from carpetIsolated Stains

Isolated carpet stains are best addressed as soon as they appear so the gunk doesn’t settle. Bear in mind, that wiping them might do more harm than good due to smudging. Thus, blot them instead and spot clean with a detergent. Apart from this method, there are some tactics for special kinds of stains. For instance, if your carpet has a sticky stain like gum, harden it with an ice-cube before prying it off.

Clean As a Whistle

To clean carpets with ease and keep your space tidy, you need to rely on tried and tested techniques. Read the instructions on the product and you will be able to remove even the most stubborn stains and persistent smells. The reward is worth it: Properly maintained carpets not only look good but also tend to last twice as long.


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