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What is a cleaning secret known by people who clean homes professionally, that other people might benefit from when cleaning their own homes?

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

The best cleaning secret I can offer as a professional house cleaner is consistency.

Create a routine for your house cleaning and stick to it. Even if it’s only one room in your house per day. If you clean in a routine manner, your home will always be clean. And it will not be overwhelming to clean it all at once.

If you put off cleaning, and you have no routine, when you decide to clean you will have to start from scratch. You will wait until you “have the time” to clean, which is never. And when you do get around to it, it will be tempting to rip everything out and toss it in a big pile. Sorting through the pile and putting stuff where it goes is the tough part. Most people get stuck there.

Instead, clean a little bit as you go each day.

It's been a month since cleaning the bathrooms - the House Cleaning GuruMany people opt for a bi-weekly cleaning because it is more affordable than weekly. A good professional house cleaner can do a top down cleaning every other week and maintain your home. But if you skip a cleaning, it’s like starting all over from scratch. People think “Oh it’s no big deal, I just skipped a cleaning.” Instead of thinking “Oh gross, it’s been a month since cleaning the bathrooms.” And then they expect it will take the maid service the same amount of time as a regular routine cleaning. Surprise, it takes longer to catch back up.

Cleaning secret = schedule your cleaning

If you choose to clean your own home make a schedule that works for you. Monday = Bathrooms. Tuesday = Bedrooms. Wednesday = Living room.  Thursday = Hallways, Entrance and Stairs. Friday = Grocery Shopping and Pantry & Fridge. Saturday = Laundry room, Laundry and Closets. Kitchen & Dining room = daily.

What is your cleaning secret? I’d love to hear.



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