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What should I do to make my bathroom stay clean and smell nice?

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

Clean doesn’t have a smell – but if we can keep the bathroom from smelling bad, it will be nice.

Of course you can use an Air Wick scented plug in and that will keep the bathroom always smelling nice.

Now for the bathroom cleaning:

The bathroom is the most used room of the house. Everybody who lives there will go in the bathroom several times a day for various reasons. There are different areas of the bathroom that are going to take a beating that you can’t ignore.

The toilet, the sink, and the bathtub or shower are all used every day. You’ll need to wipe them or rinse them down daily to keep germs and bacteria at bay.

Shower head on a hoseA shower head on a hose is a great investment, you can use it clean yourself and your bathtub. After your shower, use hot water to rinse down the shower walls, floor and glass doors or shower curtain. You can let them drip dry.

If your plastic shower curtain is nasty, toss it in the washing machine with 1 cup of white vinegar and run for a cycle. Hang it back up and let it drip dry in the shower.

If you have soap scum on the glass shower doors, get a sponge – squeegee combination and hang it in your shower. Keep a pump bottle of Dawn Dish soap in your shower. Once a week, after your shower when the walls are wet, use dish soap on the sponge and wash the shower walls and glass. Rinse with your shower head on a hose. Squeegee dry with the other side of the sponge – squeegee.

The doorknobs on the bathroom doors, cupboards, drawers and medicine cabinet all collect germs. Wipe them down a couple of times a week and more often if you’ve been sick.

The mirrors catch toothpaste specs, and fly-away hairspray. Keep a bottle of multi-purpose cleaner (Windex, 409, or a 50% vinegar + 50% water w/1 drop of Dawn Dish soap combination) under the sink with a roll of paper towels. Clean up the mirrors and vanity after brushing your teeth before bed each night. You’ll find waking up to a clean space in the morning makes getting ready for work or school so much nicer.

A clean bathroom is an inviting space - Angela BrownIf you use the ceiling fan in your bathroom, you’ll collect lots of dust and then it will blow all over the bathroom.

Use a Swiffer duster on an extension pole once a month to keep the vents clear of dust – which will save on electricity, and cut town on the dust that blows all over the room. Plan to vacuum the floor at least once a week using a vacuum with a hose attachment. The baseboards will collect dust, hair, bugs and toenail clippings. Bathrooms because they are warm and damp seem to attract bugs and spiders. While vacuuming, look for, and vacuum up cobwebs while vacuuming the dust.

Empty the trash when needed even it it’s not garbage day. Having an empty garbage to toss stuff in encourages throwing garbage away.

Pull out all the shampoo bottles from under the sink and linen closet and put them in the shower. You won’t use almost empty shampoo bottles if they are hiding under your sink. When the bottles are empty, toss them. Do not buy more shampoo, conditioner or shaving cream, until all your other almost empty bottles are gone.

Follow these simple steps to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. You’ll find a clean bathroom is an inviting space.




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